Lunar Letters 2021 #1

Dear New Moon in Capricorn,

Me: I know the New Moon is about setting intentions. Planting the seeds. Capricorn tells me to balance my expectations. So I think I can go easy on myself with still having and setting the intentions to reach my goals. How can I do that in my best and highest interest or highest good?

New Moon in Capricorn: Truth. Be true. True to yourself. Be the truth to yourself. Be the truth to yourself and let others fill the gaps (your fears). Stay close to who you are. Do not adjust. People will ask questions when they need answers.

Me and the Moon: Be true to who you are and to who you want to be.

Sending you love, the Moon and Me.

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Marion, 43 jaar, woont in Wageningen. Leeft met angst en depressie, maar maakt er iedere dag weer het beste van!

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